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What’s Been and What’s Next

The Work.

A successful 30 year-old organization was in the midst of saying goodbye to some of the founding employees who were retiring and welcoming new ones.  Not only was there excitement for the future, but an invaluable history of the successes and challenges that brought them to the high level of performance they were experiencing.  TeamWorks was invited in to conduct a day long study of the organization’s history over the last 3 decades using our Storywall technique and a step into a future aligned with the organization’s vision of sustainable innovation.

The Results.

Those who had been with the organization for an extended time recounted and analyzed the highs and lows of growth, the newer employees saw the history as it shaped the deeply ingrained culture and their roles in the next iteration of improvement.  The documented session continues to be a resource for new hirees.

Just when the student breathes a sigh of relief to be done with logarithms, they encounter them again in another course

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