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Vision Delivery Through Strategic Change Consulting

Change is inevitable. Changes can and should be planned, not with a strict blueprint, but with an understanding of three things:, how organizations can guide change effectively through partnership, how to measure and report progress toward Vision, and  how people move through the change process.  That’s what we do here at Teamworks International through Strategic Change Consulting. We use a comprehensive, integrated approach that includes our exclusive TeamWorks FrameWorks and Partnership Philosophy


A FrameWork™ is both a process and a frame of reference through which one can interpret and manage complex webs of situations, environments, people, and influences. A FrameWork is an image that maps a specific sequence of events, or illustrates a certain mindset or way of thinking that is imperative to lead effectively and improve organizational effectiveness. Some FrameWorks are fill-in-the-blanks practical tools, some are process diagrams, and some are reflective thought diagrams. All of them are built for the purpose of fostering partnership, increasing effectiveness, and reducing tension.

Partnership Philosophy

We define Partnership as a capacity of human organizations and not limited to individuals or to managers. We utilize real tools that work, honed for over two decades in a wide variety of organizations and settings across diverse markets and organizations: public and private education, human services providers, faith-based institutionsand dioceses, parishes, congregations and churches, city, county and state government agencies, nonprofit organizations, small businessesand corporations.

Partnership requires an intentional choice by those who lead an organization to develop the culture and practices of partnership. Partnership has to provide mission-level and operational benefits to organizations and individuals that are demonstrable, make sense, and feel right.  In order to sustain change, partnership is used to unleash the latent creativity and ownership that remains largely untapped in most organizations.

Customized Data Research

Customized Data and Research through Insight Research was developed in direct response to the needs of the organizations we serve.  In those organizations, we have found that there is a lot of internal data… but not all of it is used, or shared, wisely.  With the right combination of internal and external data and help with interpreting what it means, organizations can make more informed, and more understandable, decisions.  That’s what Insight Services does. Trends are discovered and relationships are identified between your membership and various variables. The results are interpreted for you in plain language that allows you to immediately use it in your reporting and decision making processes.

Strategic Roadmap

A Strategic Roadmap is a concise, one page document that provides directional clarity for the organization and community.  The Strategic Roadmap normally contains the Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Core Values and the Strategic Directions that guide the use of time, energy and resources.

Monitoring Reports

Monitoring Reports are communication tools created by those who are managing the continuous improvement plans to inform the board on how well the Strategic Roadmap and the organization’s policies are being implemented.  Monitoring Reports are tailored to the organization and may contain the following:

  • Statements relating the report to policy
  • Executive Summary with Insight Statements from current data and metrics
  • Descriptions of the highest and lowest levels of performance
  • A list of key governance and management questions
  • Suggestions for supporting and revising the Continuous Improvement

Critical Position Benchmarks

Just as a strategic plan must be rooted in a shared understanding of current reality, the selection process for candidates must be informed by detail of the trends, influences and intangible facets of the position and organization. TeamWorks International has teamed up with SIMA® International, an organization devoted to understanding job fit and motivated work since 1961.  A key element to serving our clients through this collaboration is the in-depth study of key leadership positions within the organization’s needs, culture and climate.  This study then informs the creation of selection guidance documents and a process that supports good job fit and future professional development of the finalist candidate.  Using this approach, Critical Position Benchmarks are developed for each search.   Just as no two candidates are the same, so no two positions are exactly alike. Therefore, this front-end study is essential to good selection outcomes as you embark on a search.

Once final candidates have been determined, TeamWorks International and SIMA® International conduct candidate studies using the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities to uncover the unique motivated abilities of each candidate and the extent to which their personal motivated work fits with the organization’s Critical Position Benchmarks.

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