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Our Work

When you hire TeamWorks International you enter into a partnership designed to build your capacity through 3 key services

Insight Services

We developed Insight Services in direct response to the needs of the organizations we serve. In those organizations, we have found that there is a lot of internal data… but not all of it is used, or shared, wisely. Insight Services blends the right combination of internal and external data and helps
organizations to interpret what it means, so you can make better informed, and more understandable, decisions. Trends are discovered and relationships are identified between your membership or customers and significant
variables in their communities. The results are interpreted for you in plain language that allows you to immediately use it in your reporting and decision making processes.

Partnership Development

This is bigger than leadership development; we focus on leadership as a capacity of the organization, not one particular individual. We look at this development work as being more than a mere list of attributes to be checked off, or as a set of blanket personal challenges that all “good leaders” must conform to. Our work looks at the deeper processes of communication, planning, decision making, and the intertwined roles and relationships for getting the work done. Our customized approach provides tools to accomplish partnership in the presence of authority structures. Our approach requires more than a simple smile and nod before heading back to your desk to revisit old habits; it requires effort and commitment over time. Our challenge to the organizations with whom we work is that, to achieve results, you must do more than choose to learn, you must choose to change.

Strategic Change Consulting

Change is inevitable. In organizations, most of the problems with transition and change result from inadequate preparation and lack of buy-in. Changes can and should be planned, not with a blueprint, but with an understanding of how people move through the change process and how organizations can guide change effectively through partnership. That’s what we do here at Teamworks International through Strategic Change Consulting. We provide school systems, church-based organizations and non-profits the guidance, coaching, analysis and expertise to reach critical organizational decisions through careful planning and implementation. The investment is more than a 3-ring of plans that could be relegated to a dusty shelf, it is a dynamic design
that interconnects your people, mission, and work for the next three to five years.

From Insight Services, to developing a partnership-based leadership approach, to Strategic Change guidance, we position organizations for long-term success.

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