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Streamlining Services

The work.

A large non-profit organization hired TeamWorks International to help create a plan for improving and streamlining services to a targeted group of the organization’s clients. The client group, which constituted 20% of the non-profit’s services, had been declining in participation for nearly a decade. To begin, TeamWorks interviewed staff members in the departments who worked closely with the clients and conducted a client survey and client focus groups. The results of the initial programmatic and cultural assessment served as the foundation of data on which to plan the organization’s next steps. With TeamWorks’ guidance, disparate departments within the organization formed a common theory of action, improvement areas, measures, initiatives and a network of department representatives that focused on a three-year operational plan.

The results.

Three years later, the streamlined processes have eased client access, increasing both the numbers of clients serviced and client satisfaction. The engagement and improvement work, leveraging the organizations’ internal network, served as a model for other departments as they continued to seek better ways to serve the full range of the nonprofit’s clients.

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