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Planning and Managing Projected Growth

The work.

Faced with the projections of doubling the number of students in the next 20 years, a school district hired TeamWorks International to support and guide the school district in the development of a plan that would maximize the opportunity they had before them. TeamWorks worked side by side with the school board of education, superintendent, district and building leadership. TeamWorks’ Insight Research provided modeling and analysis of student learning linked to race, gender, household income, housing type, and mobility. An extension of the demographics reporting were enrollment projects and facility utilization. Next, the strategic planning engaged internal and external stakeholders to create actionable, measureable plans that weren’t weighed down by a endless “wish list” created without solid data.

The results.

The district is three years into the plan and is recognized as one of a handful of districts that are reshaping the way students and families experience education as districts tackle the achievement gap.

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