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Organizational Change

The work.

Confronted with a changing demographic, a faith based organization hired TeamWorks International to provide planning, analytics/research services, coaching and consulting as they restructured their services and facilities for decline in some areas of their community and growth in others.

TeamWorks International provided an engaging and comprehensive process to:

  • develop an overall vision for the prioritization and decision making;
  • communicate and engage the community through a full messaging and communications plan;
  • refine options with the use of demographics and analytics from TeamWorks’ Insight Research
  • department; and,
  • facilitate stakeholder consultation respectful and inclusive of all levels of the organization and the individuals and families affected by the change.

The results.

The organization enacted a well-communicated, robust plan for the organization’s future, processes, and facilities that was vetted by stakeholders over three months of meetings and exceeded the organization’s expectation for what could have been a tumultuous time for their community.

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