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Leadership Team Cohesiveness


A 10-member leadership team had experienced some role and responsibility transitions that left unaddressed concerns among the group.  Tensions rose as a result and individuals pulled away from focused efforts in order to “hunker down” on their own projects.  TeamWorks was hired to conduct individual interviews and coach the team through difficult conversations around their interactions over the past year.  A leadership retreat was the venue for understanding the nuances of their personalities and discussion models that would provide common language and tools for them to comfortably address the previously unspoken feelings and perspectives.


The team’s retreat shed light on the different ways each processes information, makes decisions, and what each needs from the others in an environment of change.  Defining the characteristics of a high performing top team allowed them to see where they were falling short and set goals for the coming year.  The retreat served as a turning point for them and they report continued progress on their interactions and shared work.

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