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Infinity Systems


Art Johnson, our founder, spent 30 years as a leader in the corporate world. He led successfulteams as an executive in multiple Fortune 500 companies. Art was charged with executing asingle strategic plan for everyone, regardless of their unique circumstances. Art had many HR tools that measured engagement, satisfaction and other metrics. Even with these robust tools, they weren’t able to measure how this data was impacting business performance. None of these (costly and time-consuming) tools showed leaders what they needed to know most of all: Are we accomplishing our goals? Who has bought into the mission and strategic plan?

This led to:
– The birth of Infinity Systems and our main focus: Alignment
– A tool to help leaders measure Alignment: Orgametrics™

Orgametrics™ is a proprietary tool, developed by Infinity Systems, through years of successful leadership. This diagnostic tool provides the data and insight needed for leaders to measure and improve alignment in their organizations. Alignment is critical to success in all organizations. After years supporting leadership in the private sector, Infinity Systems has expanded its application of Orgametrics™ to include school districts and faith-based organizations.

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