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Who We Are

At Teamworks International, the way we work with you is as important as what we deliver.

We know that organizations must build and commit to system-wide partnership to sustain long term success.  We are consultants and coaches who work with mission-focused organizations to build those skills and processes. Our clients come from education, community, faith and government settings but they share a common aspiration: to achieve their goals while remaining healthy, responsive and accountable.

What We Do

Teamworks International has expanded our client services to offer a more complete support system for the complex challenges organizations face. From data interpretation and reporting, to developing a partnership-based leadership approach, to strategic change guidance, we are positioning organizations for long-term success. Discover how we can help you to:

  • Calm conflict-ridden waters on your board, with your leadership team, or with your stakeholders
  • Create well-informed and supported decisions for organizational transformations, including school boundary changes, student re-assignment plans, program and enrollment improvement, and church/pastoral re-assignment plans
  • See your data differently and simply to make good decisions
  • Uncover leaders’ potential and hindrances through customized coaching
  • Build support among critical stakeholders for organizational transformation
  • Lead through partnership rather than isolation
  • Provide deeper insight on candidate job-fit for key positions in your organization

Contact us to see how much more we can do for you: By phone at (651) 429-7340, or by email

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