Who are we?

TeamWorks International is a Minnesota-based strategic and leadership development consultancy powered by FrameWorks.

Our Technique

We've earned a national reputation for helping organizations develop the capacity for Leadership through Partnership, a compliment to the traditional “command/control” style of leadership. Through this technique, our clients become more adaptive, responsive and proactive.

Our Team

Our work with clients is not simply what we do, but how we do it: with appreciation and curiosity. Our understanding of governance, authority, stakeholder engagement, and facilitation stems from our diverse experience across service-based sectors.

Our Tools

In our work we draw upon FrameWorks™, images and processes to help people in organizations work more effectively together toward a common goal.

TeamWorks' Insight Research reports, Insight Online, and analysis of client data deepens understanding of our client's current reality and existing opportunities.

What Our Clients Say


TeamWorks International consultants partner with clients, working with them to understand their needs and hopes to effectively design an approach that works specifically for each client. TeamWorks provides a set of tools and Frameworks that are flexible to changing circumstances and can be scaled throughout an organization.  It is an approach that can transform how a leader leads, how a follower experiences that leadership, and how everyone in the organization can partner to meet their individual and collective desires. Bottom line: it works!

Jeff Ronneberg, Ph.D., Superintendent Spring Lake Park Public Schools

TeamWorks supported us through our strategic planning process by providing a thoughtful analysis of our strengths and helping us identify areas for improvement and opportunities for the future. Our updated strategic plan has allowed us to provide even stronger services and support to our members.

Scott Croonquist - Executive Director Association of Metropolitan School Districts

I have worked with many organizations and have interacted with a number of different consultants. What was different about working with TeamWorks consultants, and the tools they use, was that they JUST MADE SENSE. I think it’s because they mix an understanding of human dynamics and relationships with the structural and developmental needs of a productive organization.

Ann Kvaal - President and Owner AK Communications Association Management Company

[TeamWorks International did] “a great job tailoring the topic to business and community professionals, delivering useful tools, expertise, and relevance to today’s business needs”…

Kelly O'Brien - Officer - Membership Brooklyn Center Rotary

Recent Projects

  • What’s Been and What’s ...

    The Work.
    A successful 30 year-old organization was in the midst of saying goodbye to some of the founding employees who were retiring and welcoming new ones.  Not only was there excitement for the future, but an invaluable history of the successes and challenges that brought them …

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  • Planning and Managing Projected Gro...

    The work.
    Faced with the projections of doubling the number of students in the next 20 years, a school district hired TeamWorks International to support and guide the school district in the development of a plan that would maximize the opportunity they had before them. TeamWorks worked side by …

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  • Organizational Change...

    The work.
    Confronted with a changing demographic, a faith based organization hired TeamWorks International to provide planning, analytics/research services, coaching and consulting as they restructured their services and facilities for decline in some areas of their community and growth in others.
    TeamWorks International provided an engaging and comprehensive process to:

    develop …

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  • Recalibrating a Leadership Team...

    The work.
    After coming from the “outside” into a new organization, a newly hired Director brought in TeamWorks International to work with her leadership team. Seeing divisiveness among team members regarding what was “the right way” of doing their work, the team wanted assistance in recalibrating their roles, responsibilities, …

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  • Creating an Evaluation System...

    The work.
    TeamWorks International was invited to assist a state department to create a system of evaluation that would accomplish seemingly contradictory elements:
    1) Comply with state statute recently enacted by the state legislature and,
    2) Engage stakeholders at key points in the process to provide consultation and input.
    TeamWorks …

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