Who are we?

TeamWorks International is a Minnesota-based strategic and leadership development consultancy powered by FrameWorks.

Our Technique

We've earned a national reputation for helping organizations develop the capacity for Leadership through Partnership, a compliment to the traditional “command/control” style of leadership. Through this technique, our clients become more adaptive, responsive and proactive.

Our Team

Our work with clients is not simply what we do, how we do it: with appreciation and curiosity. Our understanding of governance, authority, stakeholder engagement, and facilitation stems from our diverse experience across service-based sectors.

Our Tools

In our work we draw upon FrameWorks™, images and processes to help people in organizations work more effectively together toward a common goal.

TeamWorks' Insight Research reports, Insight Online, and analysis of client data deepens understanding of our client's current reality and existing opportunities.

What Our Clients Say


[Teamworks has] an approach that can transform how a leader leads, how a follower experiences that leadership, and how everyone in the organization can partner to meet their individual and collective desires. Bottom line: it works!

Jeff Ronneberg, Ph.D., Superintendent Spring Lake Park Public Schools

The FrameWorks (developed by TeamWorks Intl) have become a primary resource for my work in building the partnerships needed to drive shared commitment to goals...[they] help leaders develop new ways to think about the work of mission driven organizations.

Larry Leverett, Ph. D. - Executive Director Panasonic Foundation

Recent Projects

Teamworks Leadership Development Workshops

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